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The Bulletin

February 26, 2018


February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month

7/11 assembly
7/18 Hubert Snow, Boy Scouts of America
7/25 Lockheed Chiefs
8/1 City of Austell

Our Rotary Family

2/2 Ronnie Haynie


Rotary Online


7/27 ATTENDANCE = 0%

MISSING SPOKES (42): Charles Black, Wayne Blackstone, Jason Bowman, Kristen Bowman, Connie Bullock, Benjamin Crusselle, Debbie Ginocchio, Debbie Griffin, Ronnie Haynie, Jonier Orozco, TJ Perry, Curtis Poole, Bob Prillaman, Owen Prillaman, Terence Reckard, Michael Rhett, Kenneth Rhudy, Hubert Snow, Joe Trepke, Darrell Weaver, Craig Yarroll

Get those makeups for missed meetings in two weeks before or two weeks after your absence.


President Darlene Duke
President-Elect Big Al McRae, III
Treasurer Wayne Blackstone
Secretary Ameenah Ahmad
Membership Ronnie Haynie
Foundation Big Al McRae, III
Membership Ben Cook
Public Image Charles Black
Public Image Jason Bowman

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