Creating A District Grant Request

Five and half minute video demonstrating how to add and update a grant request in the system.


  1. Create the related project that the grant will fund.
  2. Go to Admin > Grants and click the Create link to create the grant request.
  3. Use the Project dropdown selector to link it to the project it will be funding.
  4. Fill out the form and save.
  5. To add team members, type their last name in the box and then choose from the pop up list. Be sure to add your club foundation chair and president to your team so they can approve the grant request.
  6. Rather than sending emails about the grant back and forth, use the Add comment button to add a comment. The team members will be notified that a comment has been added.
  7. Once the foundation chair is satisfied, he/she can change the status to Foundation Chair Approved. The system will log that approval.
  8. Once the foundation chair has approved, the club president can login and change the status to Club President Approved. The system will log that approval.

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